AusGeothermal Ambient Hydronic Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Ambient Heat Pump Hot Water systems are manufactured by AusGeothermal. Ausgeothermal have been manufacturers of high quality efficient heating/cooling and hot water products for the past 10 years. AusGeothermal have an extensive record of projects and installations throughout Australia, ranging from small domestic homes through to the most advanced luxury builds, and commercial heating/cooling and hot water projects.

AusGeothermal's Ambient variable speed Air Sourced Heat Pumps have been designed and manufactured with energy efficiency and ease of installation in mind.
Only the best quality products make it into Ambient's heat pumps utilizing the latest:
BLDC Variable Speed Copeland Scroll TM Compressor;
Carel Speed Drive;
Electronic refrigerant expansion valve;
Variable speed fans;
Microprocessor controls with on board user interface.

The heat pump software has been custom designed to manage the compressor envelope & full system modulating range to the highest efficiency possible. The software & trademark is licensed to AusGeothermal only.

These quality components have been coupled to water marked heat exchangers and are cased in heavy duty galvanised & powder coated casings.

➢ Benefits
✓ Environmentally friendly
✓ Low running costs with high C.O.P
✓ Low maintenance

AusGeothermal Ambient Torquay Heat Pump

Ambient Torquay

Commercial/Bulk Hot Water

The Torquay is designed for commercial/bulk hot water demmands. 

Ambient Anglesea

Hydronic Heat Pump

Designed for hydronic heating and cooling. Suitable for in slabs, radiators, ducted heating and cooling.

Ambient Waratah

Hydronic Heat Pump With Hot Water

The Waratah can be used for hydronic heating & cooling as well as your domestic hot water needs.