Features & Benefits

Harness the power of the sun to save money and our environment

Reduce your hot water power bill by up to 70%

Huge government rebates are still available

Reduce your Carbon Footprint by up to 3 tonnes per year

The equivalent of planting 200 trees or taking a
small car off the road each year

Evacuated Tube Technology

Inside the glass evacuated tube a copper pipe is installed. The copper heat pipe transmits heat up to its tip which is plugged into the collector's heat transfer manifold.

As water runs through the manifold heat is transferred from the copper heat pipe to the water as shown in the diagram. The heat transfer manifold is housed in a highly insulated aluminium housing.

This method of heat transfer is a thousand times more effective than a solid copper rod. Heat is therefore very efficiently transferred from the glass evacuated tube to the water. 

Evacuated Tube Performance

Since no water is flowing through the collector tubes the tubes are hermetically sealed it does not suffer from corrosion problems, as is the case with other types of solar collectors
Unlike other types of solar collectors, evacuated solar collectors still provide excellent results on cloudy days. This is because the tubes are able to absorb the energy from the infared rays which can pass through the clouds. Wind and low temperatures also have minimal effect on the function of evacuated tubes when compared to flat plate solar collectors. This is due to the insulating properties of the vacuum in each tube.


315lt Stainless Steel Tank with 30 Tubes
and electric backup element
From $5990
Price is based on a standard installation within 20km of Hobart & accounts for the STC's signed over to Affordable Solar Tasmania. If a pitching frame is required add $185. Other variances from the price above can include difficulty of the installation & size of the Quickie Kit Required. Price is based on the STC values listed on the Office of Renewable Energy Regulator website on the 5/11/12 & if changed by the Office of the Renewable Energy the price would need to reflect that change.


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