Solar Power Systems Designed for You

At Affordable Solar Tasmania we understand that each client has different requirements.  We will design a solar power system using quality components to meet your budget, roof space or energy requirements..

Solar Power Claremont

Fronius Primo Inverter

The Fronius Primo Inverter is manufactured in Austria by a family operated company which has been in business since 1945. It comes in a wide variety of sizes & its unique design makes installation & maintenance as easy as possible.
The free monitoring portal is excellent & can be connected via ethernet or Wifi (when within range).


Fronius Gen 24 Inverter

This inverter combines a battery charging system, battery inverter, hybrid inverter, controller and system monitoring solution in one device. Thanks to an intelligent energy flow management system, the built-in Multi Flow Technology supports simultaneous energy flows in all directions as well as AC-, DC- and AC- & DC coupling of the battery storage.

SMA Sunny Boy Inverter

SMA Sunny Boy

SMA has 38 years of experience, making SMA the world’s longest servicing solar inverter manufacturer. Established product features and integrated software solutions will provide yield optimisation throughout the system’s entire service life. Even in shading. SMA ShadeFix is a proprietary inverter software that optimises energy yield in nearly every situation. 

Tigo Optimiser

Tigo DC Optimisers

For particularly large amounts of shade or complex roof structures, TS4-AO module optimisers can be installed negating shade losses for maximum yields & adding flexibility to designs. Optimisers can be added selectively to shaded areas of the system or to the entire system. Comms can be added to the optimisers to allow panel level monitoring.

Trina Panels

Trina 415W Solar Panels

Half-cut cell design allows modules to work at lower temperatures, which improves energy generation per watt. The unique cell string structure can significantly reduce the energy loss due to mismatch caused by inter-row shading. In addition, a higher power generation capacity can be achieved in high irradiation zones with multi-busbar technology.


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